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    Ravda - a cosy village by the sea, located 3 km from the town of Nessebar and 5km. from Suny Beach. With miracles and enjoyment you can relax here in silence, beautiful nature, ecology beach and romance. The pleasant atmosphere of the many family hotels and private lodgings will fascinate you. They have every modern convenience. About 10 taverns, 20 restaurants and 25 beer-gardens ,aqua park ,tennis kort take care of your high spirits.

   Mini trains connect Ravda with the old Nessebar.

   In the village center are situated the library, the post office and a health centre.

   The sand is very delicate and tourists can rent umbrellas, lounges, water wheels, surfs and jets. High - frequency bus lines connect Ravda to Bourgas and Sunny beach, there is also an open - air "mini - train", travelling to the nearby town of Nessebur.


Тhe highest fishing season in Ravda begins each year From 01.10 You will amazed to see that there are still places of the sea where you can touch a simple fisherman life in harmony with the beauty of the living nature….More